Tangible or intangible, possessions are, and have been, a major stumbling block to the maturation of humanity as an intelligent species.

By our possessions we are possessed.

Countries, states, boundaries, fences, property, ownership and associated “rights and privileges” all point to a certain lack of intelligence or outright immaturity of being.

Land does not belong to us. On the contrary, it is we who belong to the land.

When we are born into this world, the land provides nourishment for our growing bodies, and the produce of the land sustains our bodies for the duration of our stay on this earth.
Our  bodies are literally made of the elements of the earth.  We, or at least our bodies,  are in that sense, a part of the earth.

When we depart, our bodies return to mother earth.

Thus we can understand that the very concept of property or possessions adds a burden to our daily life experience. It is attachment to such concepts that has been the source of great suffering for humanity during this earthly experience of life.

Our existence on this planet is a transitory experience.
There is no permanence in this dream.
One might say that we are truly guests here.

Shall we awaken to freedom now, or suffer enslavement to possessions?

Intelligence declares our freedom.
Are we possessed by retardant habits of mind?


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