Responsibility and Celebrity

Celebrities, by the very nature of what they become in the public eye
carry a great responsibility.
Responsibility literally means “to be able (ability) TO RESPOND”
and to that I would add “adequately”.

But how should one respond.
APPROPRIATELY in relationship to a respect for life
– which includes every person on earth and beyond earth if such be the case.

Levity is OK when appropriate, but the levity should extend towards
thoughtfulness with the quality of a forgiving nature rather than lean towards
thoughtlessness or be laced with defamatory remarks.

So celebrities must respond with care. They are in the public eye,
and therefore they often have great influence, especially on the
younger people who tend to praise and/or copy those who’s emulation
might bring more attention to them.

People seek “identity” because they are basically lost as to who they
really are, and thus, if they emulate others who are lauded in some way
then they identify with those celebrities to be part of an accepted crowd
– and fail to flower and grow in the potential that is their true self.

Everyone is on a journey of discovery in life, including celebrities.
One can learn from others that which is helpful for one’s own evolution and life,
but to emulate for personal acclaim or to seek fulfillment in doing so is a mistake.

Do not put anyone on a pedestal of any sort.
“Know Thyself” -or- “to thine own self be true…”



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5 Responses to Responsibility and Celebrity

  1. Damian Jakibchuk says:

    Very true.


    • Walt says:

      Thank you for your interest Damian.
      I hope that your journey across Argentina is going reasonably well.
      Can’t wait to hear about your adventures when you return.
      Good luck on your journey and to your friend also.


  2. zena jakibchuk says:

    Nice! Well put.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. zena jakibchuk says:

    Well expressed! I agree. If only your view point could be heard and accepted especially by the younger ,less mature celebrities.


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