Knowledge of the Heart

There seems to be a “knowing” that is learned, personal and stored in memory.
Can we discern a collective “knowing” that springs from the root of awareness?

I can appreciate that there is a knowing of the intellect and a knowing of the heart.

One type of knowing is susceptible to being influenced and changed, and it is also susceptible to bias and error.
The other knowing is a subtle sense of certainty. It is a stable knowing, and incorruptible.

One type of knowing is a limited knowing based on information related
to the interactions in the world of cause and effect.
Knowing of the heart supersedes cause and effect: It is conjoined with the source of being.

Does the intellect “know” anything of itself? Or, is it merely a tool for comparing, categorizing and theorizing
outcomes based on information gathered from interactions within the world of phenomenal phenomena?

Shall this be pondered by the mind, or discerned by the heart?

poet of the heart


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