Published 1987, 2013CALAMITY, you are a devious nature.
You entice, you enslave.
You press so incessantly and confuse the soul.

Can you not see that we have had enough of you,
and need no more?

You are no mystery to me.
I see you in your feigned innocence,
as you start to prowl the chambers of thought.

You present arguments and excuses
to justify your existence.
You tell me that I cannot live without you.

But I do not buy that!

I can see that you are the offspring of your ancestors.
Your antiquity is obvious, and now
what purpose you may have had,
has come to an end.

You thought that you could find a dwelling place in me –
to build your pride, and increase your stature,
and shout out “This is the way it should be!”

Your world is not for me.
I parted company with you,
and now I am free.

And now that I see you for what you are,
You shake and tremble,
revealed before my piercing glare.

And then you fade away
in hopes of appearing on a better day.
But your hope is limited
and cannot grasp the way I go.

Calamity, your work is done with me!
I have changed
and am not what I was before.

“Change!”, you shout.
“I can change!”, you pretend.
But this change
you will never comprehend.

You and your brothers are a mischievous lot.
You offer false hopes and stir up desires.
Your change is directed by what was before,
which is more of the same in another decor.

Time is your hope, and
time is your limit.
Your days are numbered, and in time
you are finished!

There is a source that is beyond the realm of time.
It declares no limit:
and for you, it will always be undefined.

Oh, Calamity! I know you well.
No longer do I feel your sting:
You have been totally disarmed,
and all that remains is a shell.

Your selfish nature has been revealed,
and soon others will know –
There is another way, a different world –
A place where you cannot go.




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