Why Wake Up to the Reality of Yourself?

Never mind what the so-called experts say, or what anybody says about
what you should do with your experience of life!

It is YOUR experience.
If it “sucks” then maybe you haven’t had a good look at the reality you
are creating for yourself.

Never mind what someone else says.
Look deeply within the chambers of your own maze of a “thought machine”.
What are you thinking most of the time?
Why are you thinking it?

Why do you need self-improvement?
Do you really need self-improvement?

OR, do you need to start to know yourself better?
To know what turns you on;
or what turns you off, when you are not aware of it?

Is it quantitative or qualitative self-improvement that you need?

How often are you aware of what thoughts are triggering your actions,
your behaviour?
Would it be helpful to your evolution as a human being to actually
become more aware of what goes on in the mind at any moment;
especially at those times when you are confronted with
critical decisions?

Would it help you with your job, or your business, if you found out
what is impeding the raising of your awareness?
Might it be possible to experience a metamorphosis of the reality
you experience if you understood what this awareness was all about?

Questions are important. Self-questioning, self-enquiry.
Questions indicate the QUEST in life that you are on.

If you do not take the time to question, to look carefully at
“what makes you tick” then what you do in life, what you
experience, and your expectations may all appear as hap-hazardous
events over which you seem to have only fleeting command or
no control at all.

Have a look – a deep look at this manifestation of life that you call
YOU. It may lead to a new understanding of what you really are!

No one can live your life experience for you!


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2 Responses to Why Wake Up to the Reality of Yourself?

  1. zena says:

    Nice! You make some very good points.. A new approach to self-awareness- or maybe just a necessary refocussing of our thoughts on what’s truly important and often neglected.


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