The O Manuscript Prayer to “Source”

Heavenly Source

The above is a translation of an Aramaic prayer. Aramaic is the original language that would have been used by Jesus during the time of his teaching. Translations of the new Testament from the direct Christian Aramaic reveals some astonishing differences to the commonly accepted mistranslations that resulted in the Greek, then the Latin and other language translations that were done from the Greek and not from the original Aramaic.
There are several informative sites on the internet delving into this subject. Searching “Aramaic Christian Prayer” brings forth much revelation to anyone who wishes to get a taste of what might have been the teachings of Jesus from actual source perspective.

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2 Responses to The O Manuscript Prayer to “Source”

  1. malcolmhines says:

    Our Father who is my Mother and The Spirit, and Creator of all things, who is inside me and outside of me, and exists inside every thing there is and was and will ever be, loves in Heaven. Heaven is inside me and all around in me in every place: in every gentle flower, in every particle of a majestic mountain and joyously sings in every gentle bird of the sky and rings inside every molecule of air we are given to breathe each and in every second of each and every day He gives.

    Your name is holy. It is and was and always will be right to consider Your Name unspeakable, eliciting contemplation since You are The Word and the of gift speech was given by You. In The Word, You have created everything that is and was and will ever be.

    Your kingdom is coming. Your kingdom is within me, is all around me and is part of every wonderful thing that You design for me and others who love You, want to and who may never. You promise wonder, astonishment, glory and peace. You only want the best for me, and others who love You, and those who seek You, and those who are lost. All things of your Kingdom are of You: what I will see, what I will hear, aromas I will savor, everything I will touch and taste and sense with my heart. You promise to join all people who love You and Light and Good and Peace. Thus, the power of Your Unknowable Light will reveal glory as we have never known.You Love us more than we can know, but You will show us.

    My Love, Your will is always done. You are the everlasting Light that brings life to everything there was, everything there is and everything that is to be. All things are done through You in ways I cannot understand yet but will be known by me when I am with you in eternity. I am in awe of the mystery of You. You are in the heart of all things.

    Thank you for my Bread each day. Thank you for The Comforter. Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit which lives inside me, since the day I was born and before. Help me remember every glass of water is from You. Help me remember that each and every morsel of food that enters my mouth comes from You. All Is as You will. Thank you.

    Thank you for making forgiveness the hardest thing I have to do. Thank You for forgiving us for killing your Son because He loved us so much. You ache for us endlessly and with infinite patience. Thank You for forgiving my weaknesses and may the Holy Spirit within me help me be strong.

    I focus on Your word, fearing no evil.

    Yours is all: everything there is, was and whatever will be.


    Malcolm Hines


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