Robin Williams and Me: The Killer Among Us.

Robin Williams and Me: The Killer Among Us..

We have to look at what self-image is doing to us.  By self-image I mean the image that we have of ourselves, of who we THINK we are instead of who or what we actually are.

Think of it in terms of understanding what a human being is.

We have been trained/conditioned, since birth, by our parents and society, how to become “human” as society understands it, how society wants it to be – because anything outside the sphere of “control” is always a threat to society.  So we raise children to become “humans” like the rest of us.

But what about the “being”.  To be – I am – s/he is – we are … these are all grammatical forms of the verb to be and being is the present participle form.  The words IS and BEING point to identical meanings, but they are words that have different grammatical forms due to specific cultural development of language.

As a physical body or biological system (strictly scientifically defined) we are animals (specifically mammals).  If we consider that we have a capacity to be aware of our own consciousness then that raises the category from simple animal to human, but the question of innate intelligence still remains.

Going a step further we are BEING, a human being … or as several people with deep insight have noted in the past and in the present, “We are BEING having a human experience.”

This presents an entirely new perspective from which to look at what we call “MY LIFE”.

Are we simply living re-actively (like conditioned reflexes), reacting to the conditioning that has molded our minds and sensory system?  Is it possible to gain insight into inner intelligence so that we transcend or actually evolve beyond our current limiting predicament of being conditioned humans, reacting to thoughts and living in fear of mortality?

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin in one of his great works, the book “The Phenomenon of Man (1955)”, put it this way:

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

The solution to humanity’s current problems worldwide, not only in North America where we enjoy the “highest standards of living”, the solution appears to be in the direction of self discovery through deep self-enquiry.  We must question our own thinking and the belief systems upon which we depend to define our reality.  We must find out what we actually are, beyond the human physical form and the thought processes that preoccupy our every decision, fear and pleasure in life.

Thought is not intelligence.  There is no such thing as intelligent thought:  However, we are capable of using thought intelligently. The intelligence does not lay in thought but in the heart of Being.

We must find out what that means, otherwise it is inevitable that such occurrences as Robin Williams will continue.



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