Time, oh time,
Where did you go?” – from Michael Merchant’s song “TIME”

Ending_Time_Cover Physicist Dr. David Bohm had several talks with the renowned master of intellectual/spiritual dialogue J. Krishnamurti. The in-depth dialogue was about time as it is seen and understood from many different levels and aspects.

As a physicist, Dr. Bohm wanted to know how a scientific/intellectual understanding of time related to our understanding of life. This dialogue reached far beyond any expected intellectual ideations.

To his surprise, through the process of dialogue with J. Krishnamurti, Dr. Bohm discovered that the deeper levels of scientific understanding of time were beginning to reach far beyond the outdated scientific understandings that existed before quantum theory established a foothold in scientific thought.

The exchange between Dr. Bohm and J. Krishnamurti extended to a total of 13 dialogues which were all recorded and then transcribed into book form under the title “The Ending of Time” which was published in 1985.

It became quite clear that the concept of time is a useful unit of measurement, like the inch, yard, or ounce in practical areas of application. Scientific calculations, contract terms, appointment and meeting schedules, etc. are useful applications of the concept of time.

However, when one includes time in their belief system where time acquires meanings beyond practical conceptual applications, then various conundrums and calamities begin to invade and contaminate one’s understanding of life.

When the psyche gets attached to a certain idea of time it can cause psychological distortions of all sorts in the way one relates to the world and oneself.

A fixed idea of time introduces limitations that can shape one’s beliefs and mislead one’s approach to living life in a more auspicious manner.

Ideas of past, present, and future, have their practical place; but when they lead to neurosis and fear of what will happen in the future and so on, then we begin to see the far-reaching misunderstanding of this thing we call ‘time’.

What is your understanding of time?

Does time rule your life, or have you mastered this tricky concept as it relates to your daily life?

How do you understand the ending of time?


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